And So A Journey Began…


Seeing as how I’ve worked on this since high school, it would almost be needless to express how delighted I am to finally be able to share this project with the world. It’s not perfect, but that’s all the more reason why I found it so necessary to share. When I first met the big homie Phel (@PhellaDaFam) we always used to talk about documenting my progress – and I feel these songs do just that. Listening to the evolution from this to ‘Foreign Exchanged‘ (last year’s mixtape that I am planning on re-releasing within the coming weeks) have really gotten me excited to get started on ‘Foreign Exchanged 2‘ (but more on that later).

Having done the artwork myself, sitting through the mixing process with Gwap (@2Fli2Ccare)  , and so much more, I am pleased to present you this thing that I’ve spoken of since the blogspot days. As always, special thanks to  J. Rob (@JRobonthetrack) who engineered this project from top to bottom out the goodness of his heart, and was still very instrumental in the final hours as far the getting the ever so talented Ms. Sherrell Rowe (@SherellRoweShow) to bring ‘Love Letters’ to life in the final hours.  Without further adieu, I present you with ‘Foreign Exchange… And So A Journey Began‘.

P.S: listen to it don’t just hear it.

Foreign Exchange_front-back

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