Much Respect – Post #1: Shia Labeouf

Quick Story:

About ten years ago, I remember coming home from school with my younger sister and arguing over the remote. My mother was always either at her English classes or working at Logan International Airport {Pre- Bin Ladin}. My grandmother was usually in the other room yelling for us (my sister and I) to quite down. One of the only shows we’d agree upon however, was Even Stevens. Whenever Grandma caught glimpse of it, she’d jokingly say we reminded her of Ren and Luis.

I remember always thinking to myself how great of an actor the kid playing Luis was. I later had a chance to see how versatile this guy was in Disney Channel’s Tru Confessions, Where he played a kid with mental disabilities; and he did so with flying colors, if I may add. He’d go on to star in movies like Holes (on which I did a 6th grade book report) , iRobot (one of my favorite movies, along side one of my favorite people {hint, hint}), and the list goes on! The Transformers series (then Wall Street – BEAST) took him to new heights and reintroduced him to the world as, not only an adult actor, but also a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

The reason why I tip my hat to this man is because, just from the outside looking in anyone can see how brutal the entertainment industry is. For a man to have enough focus to make the transition from a child actor, to who he’s become without getting sidetracked by the evils of the business says a lot. Much Respect…

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