Big Daddy Kane: “The uprising of one of Hip Hop’s most charismatic MC’s

I feel as if though every era of Hip-Hop has it’s own “Greatest of All Time”. You can’t compare Mc y from the 90’s to Mc x from this era for example, because the world, and Hip-Hop in general, just aren’t in the same place. To me, it ultimately comes down to who’s been around the longest, and has maintained, if not improved on his/her skills. With all of that said I personally believe that Kane was the greatest of his era. I even find the title misleading; it shouldn’t be one of but the most, period.

When I first started seriously listening to rap it was mostly Bad Boy’s 10th anniversary CD and G-Unit’s Beg for Mercy. As much as I loved the guys I was listening to though, I always wanted to do my own research and find out who influenced them. I came across Kane’s name for the first time in an interview that Lloyd Banks gave (forgot what magazine it was) where he was doing exactly that: naming his influences. I didn’t actually start doing my homework on Kane until much later; and after that I was hooked!

I remember calling my homie Ben back in Boston to have him check Kane out and he felt the same. From the allure, and the break dancing, and lyrical capacity, Kane was truly ahead of his time (and still is, unless I figure out how to break dance soon). Watch and enjoy.

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